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Brooke entered the real estate world in 2012 and has been a rising star ever since. In her first year of commercial real estate, Brooke’s high energy and enthusiasm and desire to study and learn the business earned her “Rookie of the Year” honors.

The following year, while maintaining a high occupancy percentage in her building, she became a coach and trainer and more importantly, a mentor to her peers and was named “Most Valuable Performer”, a highly coveted award.

Years of helping people find homes for their businesses has caused Brooke to want to help those people find homes for themselves and their families as well. Her ethics and moral compass are demonstrated daily through her work. With her positive attitude no task is too difficult.

The hustle and desire does not stop when she gets home. Brooke’s greatest title is stepmom to two wonderful teenaged boys and a beautiful teenaged girl. Her passion is her advocacy for rescue dogs. And beside the ones she has taken in herself, she has placed numerous unwanted dogs in homes that now treasure them. Like her heart, Brooke’s home is always busy and full of love.